Hello, beautiful people!

I am gracious for your digital companionship as I travel and live abroad.

My journey started long before I decided to dispose of (sell and/or donate) everything. Yes! Everything, which includes my car, apartment home, and therapy office. My journey began the moment I sat aside time to create my vision board in 2012 while living in Maryland. I did not know the timing in which these manifestations would come into fruition, but I knew the desires of my heart.

Following the creation of my vision board, I began to be influenced by the fears of others. I was told not to travel and/or live abroad solo because of danger and the inability to have family or friends nearby. I had never lived my life in fear and had always craved the adventure of traveling. Moreover, my travels had afforded me to opportunity to build healthy, refreshing relationships that made my travels worthwhile. These are relationships that maintain, miles away, today. Ironically, when I received advice to be cautious about traveling solo, I had lived in five different cites before settling in New York…Brooklyn, to be exact. I enjoyed the opportunity of the adventure that living in different cities within the United States; however, my heart always desired to live abroad. The fear that had once paralyzed my dreams of travel, suddenly dissipated, earlier this year.

In February 2018, I survived a traumatic event that could have led to my demise. My sense of self and place in this world had become clearer. I knew that “NOW” was the time for me live the life as I had dreamed… travel, learn, evolve, and love. I began to refocus on the aspirations I wanted to manifest and let go of fearful thoughts (e.g. focusing on things I did not desire). I’ve definitely learned that focusing on what you LEAST desire can be manifested as well (But, we will discuss that later). Before any doubt could shatter my manifestations, things started to align in a way that opened the sky for me to travel!

Welcome to my journey!


Bus ride to Vinales, Cuba

A journey begins in your mind, so dream until your feet follows. ~Dr. T. M. Peavy, PsyD

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Dr. Tonya Peavy, Psy.D.

Hello, My name is Dr. Tonya. Welcome to website and blog! I have decided to sell everything to travel as I write books, practice the art of emotional healing abroad, learn languages, dance, laugh and love. I will share what I learn along the way and provide tips on mental wellness!

2 thoughts on “Manifestation”

  1. Dr. SoulTraveler, as I read your deeply moving written thoughts, I thought about my own walk through life, thus far; I realized, especially after reading your statement, “I began to refocus on the aspirations I wanted to manifest and let go of fearful thoughts”…… that I’ve been internalizing hesitation (fear) of submitting those retirement papers, walking away from my comfy, well paid career, to embark on my true passion, teaching/mentoring/community involvement in which I can mold, assist and inspire…… younger minds. I applaud you for recognizing and working toward your vision. I thank you for your written words as it has rekindled a fire inside to do the work. Your beautiful inside and out. As my maternal Grandmother once told me…..Keep living…..Keep living.”

    All is well……All is well…..TP.

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    1. Thank you for your transparency and the encouraging words. Indeed, to keep living is to keep….traveling this journey of life, learning along the way, evolving into the best versions of ourselves, and loving ourselves and others. I receive it with gratitude.

      Blessing on your journey, Mama Phyllis, as you “mold, assist, and inspire” those who need it the most.


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