A Trip Down Memory Lane to Cuba


It was love at first sight! From the moment I departed the airplane in Havana’s Jose’ Marti Airport, I felt it was the place I was destined to live. I had a week and a half to make this love affair memorable. And, I did!


Carmen Margarita y Dra. Tonya (Carmen Margarita and Dr. Tonya)

The night before I left this gorgeous island, I sat on the terrace with tears flowing down my face as I reflected on the beauty of the culture that I had experienced. I felt as if I was being torn from my homeland. Nevertheless, I had to return to the United States with my heart’s intent to return someday.

I wasn’t crying just yet, but taking it all in.

It’s divine alignment…..I’m returning to Cuba, y ‘all!

I will be returning to Cuba in October 2018 to study the Spanish language for an immersion course, done my way, over a course of four months to one year. (UPDATE: as of 8/2/2018, I have decided to travel to multiple South and Central America countries to study Spanish following a month in Cuba).

Most of my formal language learning will take place at universities in Cuba. Of course, my informal language learning will be with private tutors and casa particulares (i.e., government approved homes for hosting, such AirBnB and Innclusive) hosts. Over the course of my stay, I will explore the countryside, townships, and beaches. And you get to experience it through my lens!  Until then, here are pictures from my trip in 2016.


Universidad de La Habana (University of Havana)

The campus is a beautiful open air campus. I was fortunate to visit the psychology and foreign language department.

Walking to through Old Town Havana